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Support & Security

Making sure that our clients are at ease during every stage of their investment experience.

At Woodward Partners we understand the effect that a peace of mind can have when you commit to your investment plan. That is why we dedicate a great deal of time to making sure that you, as our valued client, are kept informed at all times, of the aspects relating to the management of your account. Your wealth advisor will provide you with regular performance updates and specifically inform you of emerging economic trends that are presented as either an opportunity for you to capitalize upon or as a threat that could force adjusts to the allocation of assets.

Nominee entities

Securing your assets during the course of investment is of paramount importance to our ongoing management processes. To ensure the highest standards of financial management practices, Woodward Partners uses a number of nominee companies to hold your assets and investments. This process aligns with the most common of industry practices by securing your invested interests with a chosen legal entity whose main purpose is ensure that the value of your investments are adequately insured against unforeseen events that may affect the liquidity of what is rightfully yours.

Wodward Partners utilizes a nominee holding structure as a way of safeguarding client assets. Each nominee company that we use is compliant to the Financial Conduct Authority regulations and is subject to an independent auditing schedule. We encourage you to contact your wealth advisor for further information on how Woodward Partners secures the market value of your invested interests.

Contact Woodward Partners for more information on how we serve and protect your invested interests.

Absolute client support

First-class administrative and support services.

Unrestricted and direct access to your personal wealth advisor.

Reporting and performance commentary delivered at your convenience.

Investments held under the protection of legal nominee entities for additional asset security.