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Portfolio Management

Portfolios designed to meet your needs and to exceed the expectations of your financial potential.

Dedicating your capital to an investment plan for the long-term requires a great deal of commitment, sacrifice and of course trust in the professionals to with whom you delegate such an important responsibility.

As custodians of your wealth, Woodward Partners proactively ensures that the expectations you have are consistently met through our performance as financial professionals and administrative specialists.

Discretionary portfolio management

Our discretionary portfolio management services are driven by a multi-asset approach to a sophisticated asset allocation model specifically designed to meet your needs and to maximize the performance of your portfolio. The Woodward Partners research and investment professionals provide a global insight into a wide range of investment opportunities. Typically, a portfolio constructed and managed by Woodward Partners will be comprised of a diversified mix of equities, fixed income vehicles and alternative investments.

In line with your investment profile, your tolerance to risk and with your requirements in mind, we will prepare a number of strategies to demonstrate the different paths you can take towards the realization of your goals. Guided by your wealth advisor, you will develop a realistic impression of how your financial future will materialize as you reach each milestone of your chosen plan.

Contact Woodward Partners for more information on how our asset allocation and portfolio integration strategies can help to to reach your goals.

Benefits of our portfolio management services

Access to a direct point of contact through your wealth advisor.

A discretionary solution that relieves you of investment complexities.

Global exposure to a diversified range of investment opportunities.

An asset allocation model that targets your specifc needs.

Performance commentary and transparent reporting.