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Family office explained

Reserved for families of ultra-high net worth, family office structures are created to service the levels of complexity that come with the accumulation of multi-generational wealth.

Professionally managed family office services to accommodate the demands and complexities that come with the responsibility of upholding your heritage.

Family offices structures are unique in the sense that each family office service is structured around the individual needs of each family member whilst maintaining a focus on the primary mandate of the office as a whole. In this instance there is no one size fits all family office solution. At Woodward Partners we assist ultra-high net worth families with the organization and management of a financial function that best serves the purpose of the structure.

Incorporate your family office

Typically, a family office structure is incorporated under a privately owned company, and in the same fashion as any other registered business entity the company must include a management team of nominated directors, shareholders and administrative employees. The assets of the company are divided into appropriate proportions to reflect the shareholding of each nominated member. Naturally when dealing with such wealth, the complexities of creating a conforming structure requires the knowledge and application prowess of legal and administrative representation. This professional representation is where Woodward Partners's family office teams excel.

Although a family office can be incorporated anywhere in the world, families tend to house their companies in the more stable financial jurisdictions such as London, Switzerland and the United States. However due to more recent economic and regulatory movements, clients feel that the benefits of economic stability and privacy laws in jurisdictions such as Hong Kong and Singapore offer a more sustainable model for their evolving requirements. To this end, Wodward Partners's family office division, although limited to a select few, is a growing portion of our business that is able to operate a number of family office services incorporated in either Hong Kong or Singapore.

Discuss your requirements with Woodward Partners

Contact us to learn more about our family office services, how to qualify for a detailed consultation and how Woodward Partners can help you to preserve your heritage.

What is a family office?

An integrated structure responsible for the financial needs of a wealthy, mutli-generational family.

Incorporated under a company in a financially stable jurisdiction such as Hong Kong or Singapore.

Managed in accordance with a specific mandate defined to suit the requirements of each family member.