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Global Equities

Capitalize on the performance of strong growth and high yield global corporations.

Participate in the economies of multiple jurisdictions to capitalize on emerging opportunities and to diversify your exposure to risk.

Our strategy, more often than not, surrounds a long-term investment approach, focused on wealth accumulation. Rest assured, we will preserve your capital with all means available, allowing us to slash any abnormal levels of risk, whilst maximizing solid growth potential.

Corporate stocks and private equities represents the most commonly known security class. The equity stake of the company's owners, in the form of issued shares. The value of which represents the company's net value, after all secured and unsecured debt is taken into consideration and off the balance sheet. With stock being the simplest and easiest instrument to grasp, you will find that an equity strategy is central to core of most investment portfolios.

Directing you towards long-term value creation

With global markets holding near-on $60 trillion worth of stock, rising year-on-year, and with over 50,000 stocks to choose from, opportunities are abundant. This however, does not make investor decisions any easier. Woodward Partners Asset Management is here to provide exposure to equity markets no matter their geographical location. Being able to better access opportunities further afield, whilst at the same time reducing portfolio risk, is a fundamental practice to investors serious about taking control and growing their financial legacy.

The main advantages to stepping outside of your local domicile, is the added layer of diversification. Dependent on your risk tolerance, anywhere between 5-25% of your portfolio could be well placed oversea equity markets. We are a member of fifty mercantile exchanges globally, and are extremely well placed to accommodate you in successfully achieving the financial future you are dreaming of today.

Contact Woodward Partners to see how we can integrate a global equity strategy into your existing portfolio.