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A career with Woodward Partners offers a challenging work environment, interaction with intelligent and motivated individuals, and above-average income potential. However, competition for most of these jobs is also very high (as might be expected given the potential rewards from a finance career.) Embarking on a career in finance also usually involves a fair amount of education, so it pays to do extensive research prior to beginning a career search in the field of finance. Remember, while many people are drawn to the field because of its high income potential, those that are ultimately the most successful usually augment their ambition with a love of the financial markets and a desire to face and overcome intellectual challenges on a daily basis. Woodward Partners welcomes all enquiries, and is an equal opportunity employer.

Benefits of a career with Woodward Partners.

1. Promising Career Path.

As you join a company fresh from college, you usually land in an entry level position such as junior finance analyst. This position requires you to work long hours, and you’ll be dealing with complex financial theories that include costing, budgeting, financial forecasting, cash flow, and monitoring costs incurred by various departments. Adeptness in this level will lead you to higher responsibilities. These include corporate development, cash management, treasury, auditing, and finance management. As expected, your rank and compensation will rise as your responsibilities increase.

2. Company Recognition and Trust.

Your regular communication and constant supply of helpful financial information is a great help to top management in their formulation of crucial management decisions. Although you are not doing the job alone, your efforts, diligence and performance never go unnoticed. In time, you will be able to gain company trust. Trust is a very important factor in getting a managerial position.

3. More Opportunities.

As you become more adept at what you do, more opportunities for training and development will come. These will make you a better worker and your importance in the company will grow. The skills you accumulate will give even greater opportunities for higher pay.


1. Accuracy and Consistency.

In accounting and finance, you are dealing with numbers that represent real costs. This requires accuracy and consistent adherence to procedures. One erroneous entry can make you spend hours just to trace it. You should do your job with utmost care and presence of mind.

2. Deadlines

This is one of the factors that compel accountants to work long hours. As an accountant, you cannot escape pre-set daily, weekly and monthly deadlines. Transactions should be posted as they occur, especially if costs associated with them are needed for billing purposes. These same transactions are also needed for the generation of monthly management and financial reports.

A corporate finance job is a profession that deals with live numbers and real challenges. It requires intelligence, diligence, patience, and computer skills. Your work may test your endurance, but it can promise a rewarding career that will always make you proud. You must congratulate yourself for choosing a career in corporate finance.

Here are some common career paths in the financial-services industry with Woodward Partners:

Corporate Finance. ...

Commercial Banking. ...

Investment Banking. ...

Private Equity and Venture Capital. ...

Financial Planning. ... 

You should expand your horizons for advancement. Try making an inquiry about finance with Woodward Partners today.